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This Week I Realized - Part 3

  1. Noticed that Google Analytics Android app has either caching or eventually consistency issues. Sometimes fetches fresh results, sometimes outdated ones. Interesting.
  2. Upgrading to Android 12 was a mistake. My phone’s battery life is much shorter since upgrade. :|
  3. Learned about pre- and post-conditions in Clojure. Amazing.
  4. After so many years I still don’t get the concept of official hours in public services. “We’re available to you three times a week during time when you are usually working”. Imagine picking up support tickets and fixing bugs only three days a week. Doesn’t make much sense from end-user perspective, right?
  5. Found out that there is such thing as a monitor being too big. Bought Dell U4919DW, returned it after a couple of days. Next candidate: Dell P3222QE. Fingers crossed.
  6. My Ikea Marcus chair is squeaking. Found a possible fix.