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This Week I Realized - Part 6

  1. Figured I need to improve my budgeting process. Currently trying out YNAB. One major flaw of it is lack of auto sync with neo-banks like N26 and Revolut. I’ll give it couple of months if I won’t be satisfied I will give Toshl a chance.
  2. Started watching The Sopranos for “I don’t even remember anymore” time. Never actually finished watching. Finger crossed I’ll finally make it this time.
  3. Remote work started taking its toll. I guess I have to change scenery to improve my productivity. At first, I was on a hunt for a new office space. Nothing came up, except one place. One small problem, I would have to rent an entire building. Sure, let’s name it Fortress of Solitude as well. Then I got even a better idea, why not join a coworking space. Might even have an opportunity to get to know some interesting people in my area.
  4. One of my goals for this year was one blog post per month or 12 blog posts until end of 2021. There’s still time, four more to go.