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This Week I Realized - Part 8

  1. Office search sit-rep: with each day passing I’m more inclined on joining a coworking space. Company of like-minded professionals never hurts. That specific coworking place ticks all the boxes (and more) for me.
  2. Realized I never visited Italy, besides Gardaland or passing through. Seems an interesting country and not that far at all.
  3. Having a sick child is a whole another level of pain. Don’t get me wrong, I mean it in a way that as a parent you would do anything to make it go away in an instant. Instead, all you can do is sit and wait and comfort poor child. I’m starting to understand what my parents tried to tell me so many years ago.
  4. According to some people 4chan level of communication is something completely normal. If you’re not willing to tolerate it, either on Internet or outside of it, you should “grow a pair”. I’ll spare you of my judgement.