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This Week I Realized - Recap

All things come to an end. So did this ‘This week I realized’ series.

At first I had no special plans with it, looked like something I could entertain myself with. But now looking back I realized couple of things:

  • my English grammar skills need improvement
  • writing meaningful things is hard
  • content could be more high-quality
  • high quality content was not the main goal, main goal was building a regular writing habit. Nailed that.
  • with help of this ‘challenge’ I appreciate people like Jure Č., Swizec, Julia E. and their content even more
  • getting a glimpse at ‘what did I think back then’ is something special
  • I’ll keep writing something similar but in a more personal matter and stop publishing it
  • offloading thoughts feels great
  • this series helped me get a better reflection at the things I did and I want to do in the future
  • and the best part: all the feedback I got was far surpassing what I expected in the start

Thanks for sticking around. Happy new year!